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Arctic Bear Brush Set - 5 Piece Paintbrush Set LIMITED

Arctic Bear Brush Set - 5 Piece Paintbrush Set LIMITED

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The Arctic Bear brush collection is a buttery soft brush set perfect for beginner AND professional artists. Curated from a series of polls from other artists and creatives, this set was developed over a series of months to be a beautiful complete set of brushes with a limited run. Once sold out, we have no current plans to restock unless demand is further. 

This set is a cheaper alternative to our classic professional level Artistic Bear Set but with a cheaper synthetic perfect for all artists, all the while still providing a high quality, long lasting brush set. 

In this set you will find - 

One Large Filbert

Large Square

Round Brush

Small Filbert

Medium Angle


Packaged together in our classic plastic-free packaging, this set of brushes will be perfect for your collection.



Assembled in the USA

ULTRA soft synthetic polar bear Fur (not real polar bear fur)

Fibers experty shaped and cut to provide precision with lines

Solid Wood handles - sourced from forests with reforestation programs

Crimped ferrule for added quality.

Stamped with the Artistic Bear Co logo

Ships in 6-8 business days 

Chloe Rose Art approved*



Shipping & Returns

Ships in 5-7 business days. Please allow for holidays. Thank you.

Care Instructions

Wash with lukewarm water and gentle baby soap or unfragranced cleaner. Do not soak brushes for longer than a few minutes to avoid reshaping them. Do not keep brushes in water that goes above the ferrel (metal) so the glue doesn't loosen.

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