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Glass Dog Tumbler w/bamboo lid & straw

Glass Dog Tumbler w/bamboo lid & straw

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If you’re in Europe, you can purchase this via Etsy;

If drinking coffee didn't bring you enough joy in the morning, perhaps looking down at your 16oz Glass Tumbler, with Bamboo lid covered in dogs being their goofy selves, will. ;)

There are two available options - clear glass and frosted glass. 

I recommend cold drinks for this. These are sublimated by hand so each one may have slight variations. These are dishwasher safe but may last even longer hand washed. I however, am lazy, so I put mine in the dishwasher. 

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Ships in 5-7 business days. Please allow for holidays. Thank you.

Care Instructions

Wash with lukewarm water and gentle baby soap or unfragranced cleaner. Do not soak brushes for longer than a few minutes to avoid reshaping them. Do not keep brushes in water that goes above the ferrel (metal) so the glue doesn't loosen.

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