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Winnie Vinyl Sticker

Winnie Vinyl Sticker

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Highly requested…now it’s here! This thick matte vinyl sticker holds to literally everything! The waterproof material will allow you to accidentally put your "handwash only" bottles in the dishwasher without issue 🤫 


Based on the original AA Milnes Winnie - your favorite childhood bear, surrounded by floral detail. Looks great on a laptop!


Size: 3x3”

Shipping & Returns

Ships in 5-7 business days. Please allow for holidays. Thank you.

Care Instructions

Wash with lukewarm water and gentle baby soap or unfragranced cleaner. Do not soak brushes for longer than a few minutes to avoid reshaping them. Do not keep brushes in water that goes above the ferrel (metal) so the glue doesn't loosen.

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