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5 Piece Mint Complete Paintbrush Set

5 Piece Mint Complete Paintbrush Set

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"I love this paintbrush! What is this? Why is it working differently?" - Moriah Elizabeth, Youtube Artist

"They were so much nicer than any brushes I've used before!" - Sarah Renae Clark, Youtube Artist

"I LOVE them. They are absolutely amazing!!!" - Dom Corona, Disney Fine Artist

IF YOU LIVE IN EUROPE - Please buy brushes from HERE to avoid VAT issues

This 5 piece brush set is identical to the 6 piece, but the small detail brush is excluded (See picture)

We may be biased - but we believe this is the most complete brush set out there. Not just that - probably the most eco-friendly too. For every purchase of this brush set we will plant one tree on your behalf to (). These brushes are packaged in plant based PVA *fake* plastic that will biodegrade. They're made in the USA, 

 This is the ULTIMATE set of paintbrushes. Tested and trialed for 9 months, this brush set was selectively chosen by an actual artist to 

 Bronze Synthetic can be used for Acrylic, gouache, Oils, Watercolors and more!

Why we love our brushes so much;

  • Made in the USA
  • Non toxic laquer handles
  • Wood sourced from sustainably sourced wood forests
  • We use biodegradable plant based "  fake" plastic on the outer packing sleeve
  • 1 Tree Planted for every purchase via OneTreePlanted
  • Can be used for any mixed media including acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, and more.

These brushes are high quality and will last you a LONG time if taken care of. We use the same manufacturer for these brushes as other higher end brush brands, to bring you only the best product at a cheaper price than the same product would be elsewhere.

Brushes ship in 5-7 business days 

Shipping & Returns

Ships in 5-7 business days. Please allow for holidays. Thank you.

Care Instructions

Wash with lukewarm water and gentle baby soap or unfragranced cleaner. Do not soak brushes for longer than a few minutes to avoid reshaping them. Do not keep brushes in water that goes above the ferrel (metal) so the glue doesn't loosen.

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